Hey, why aren’t you hustling?

Since I’ve returned from Europe, I’ve been pursuing performing professionally pretty hard, taking classes, auditions and workshops, following up on emails with casting directors, I booked and shot a commercial for mold, wrote some spec ads and even a new character.
Tonight I did my first ever workshop with a major network casting director, i rehearsed my lines, was scared shitless, was convinced everyone in the casting office I came early to hated me and then I went in to do my scene.
I felt like I was the best one there. He had no negative notes or adjustments for me (which he had for literally every other actor, our auditions were simulcast to our classmates). Everyone laughed at my takes.
Now this could all be bullshit. Maybe I just was uninteresting or weird or everyone lied to me, or I was good and he’ll never call me in.
I’m still not famous, or even employed, I’m on the government dime.
But I guess my big question is: if I have experienced a relatively high percentage of success in three weeks of effort/playing video games, why the fuck isn’t anyone else doing this?
I am not the funniest person at UCB, not by a long shot. I’ve never gotten a callback for Harold or even an audition for Maude.
At the Magnet, they wrote me a letter telling me I wasn’t going to be able to even take the prerequisite class to audition for teams “anytime in the near future”.
So why am I one of very few comedians I know even attempting to book paid work? I appear so far to be very mildly succeeding at it.
There’s roughly the same odds of getting cast in a commercial as there is for getting on house teams at a New York comedy theater and I’ve booked a few commercials and I am by the same odds, deemed not good enough for teams (of course, a somewhat different measurement of funny)
Now there’s the possibility that I am not one of few people in my community doing this and I just haven’t seen them.
But I’ll tell you, when I was at my orientation for One-on-One, which I got apparently easily with characters I wrote myself on my first try, there were no comedians there, all actors, he had us raise our hands. The person who accepted me told me he’d never seen anyone like me before. I wanted to be like, well thanks, but I know a lot of people like me.
At the major network casting director workshop I was at tonight, the reader happened to me someone I knew from shows and I asked her if she ever saw someone come through there from the comedy community and she said no, only at casting calls that target comedians and request them from UCB.
At the Q+A with the casting director I asked him how we would get his attention if we hadn’t taken this class and he said that the chances of him calling in someone he didn’t know without representation were “slim to none”.
Guys, what are we all aiming for? Is it to be on TV? Is it to get paid to do comedy? Then, while I am the nerdiest guy who L-O-V-E-S to obsess about improv, why do we put so much importance on our New Team Harold class show when it has no chance of accomplishing our goals?
A good friend of mine whose PSVita I got stolen in Europe, Ian O’Keefe, wrote a great blog post about how he was happy in his life and just wanted to be on Harold Night and that really was his end goal and I *seriously* respect that. That’s the involvement he wants comedy to have in his life and that’s something he’s reflected on.
But most people I know who are working hard in the community tell me they want to be professional comedians and my answer is: if that’s true, what are you really doing to make that happen?
When I did Movies on Demand, an improvised show, with a real, professional actor, David Klasko (recently of The Public’s King Lear and multiple national commercials), he told me he was taking casting director workshops, he had email blasts for his shows and multiple lists. It helped me realize: what was I doing?
For as much as I give straight dramatic actors shit for not having comedic timing, technique or the finely honed instincts of many of my funniest friends, the truth is that they get the roles more because more of them go out for them more frequently.
As my stupid sports based high school used to say: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”
So, this isn’t meant to be a big fuck you to every one of my friends. It isn’t saying your web series or one (wo)man show isn’t important, maybe it is and it’s awesome and someone great shows it to their friend and you’re Ilana Glazer or something.
It’s just wondering why I, a guy without the highest self-esteem, without the plaudits of a theater, seem to be meeting little resistance with a basic attempt at reaching for some of what I want, while my more talented friends just give me excuses.
So get off your butts and try to be funny for a living. I don’t know. At worst you’ll learn something?


So good. So, so good.

I’ll make this as quick as I can.

People should have more variation of genres of scenes in their longform improv sets. This is illustrated well by the new episode of South Park. It’s also why anyone is super happy when you start singing or dancing occasionally during your improv set.

Use the archetypes by identifying your genre to play more than an uncommitted version of yourself.

First Scene- The Boys create a kickstarter style company that gets paid to do nothing and calls itself the Washington Redskins
Game- Mocking how lazy and unoriginal and dumb crowd funding is.
GENRE- kids making it big movie like “The Social Network”.
ARCHETYPES- The ruthless go-getter, the morally-conflicted Rebel , the torn reconciler

Second Scene- The Washington Redskins and their owner are sad that their name is being used by a douchey company
Game- Mocking the Washington Redskins own insensitivity.
GENRE- Indians last stand movie like Last of the Mohicans or Dances with Wolves
ARCHETYPES- the underdog leader, the frightened/self-doubting troops, the tearful Native American

Third Scene- Cartman has douchey unveiling speeches for his company
GAME- mocking Apple and self-important keynotes
GENRE- Big unveiling ceremonies/keynote addreses
ARCHETYPES- the douchey overconfident presenter, the sycophantic crowd, the ironic hipster funder

Group Games- NFL-owners/Robot, NFL or Catholic Church

Figure out your genre, decide on an archetype, play it big to give fun behavior, find a game through that and while finding the game you’ll be funny and committed. Pick any other genre for your next scene. It will get you out of your head for initiating and give you new fun archetypes to play, as well as being a contrast.

End rant.



Vince Vaughn is back in the news. Check out this clip I shot a few months ago. Vince Vaughn Using Twitter.

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Watch all of these, you stupid chumps. Frank Hejl rules.

The Movie Form Class

Hey all,

I’m going to be teaching a class on The Movie improv form coming up. Here are the details!

Please share this with your friends or anyone you think might be interested!



Learn how to do one of the most challenging forms in long-form improvisation: The Movie. Every facet of your abilities as an improviser will be tested and pushed, from your commitment to character, to your willingness to support hard, to your ability to make clear moves for your scene partners to support. If you’re not looking to take notes, go home. If you’re not looking to do MANDATORY homework assignments, go home. If you want to learn the most fun and rewarding form while growing past your own limits, welcome aboard.

“He knows the movie form inside out and is both encouraging and enthusiastic about making up movies on stage.”- Anthony Atamanuik (30 Rock, Death by Roo Roo, Instant Cinema)

8 weeks, November 1st- Dec 20th, Sundays 12-3pm.

Minimum 8 students, maximum 16.

2 class show opportunities will be provided with notes by the teacher.

Prerequisite: Completion of Conservatory/Advanced-level classes at any improv theater or completion of the SUPERNOVA program.

Students have until October 21st to apply and will be notified by October 23rd if they are chosen by the instructor.

Cost: $300 payable by cash or Venmo upon acceptance.

Email supernova at gmail.com with a little paragraph about yourself, your experience and why you would be a good fit to apply.





Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important


Don’t let them get away with this.  Share the tumblr; share the information. If we can’t trust even the state government, let’s go to the federal.  JUSTICE FOR MIKE BROWN AND FERGUSON.

The arc of the moral universe should form into a loop that wraps around Jeff Roorda’s neck.

#startedfromthebottom #nowwehere

#startedfromthebottom #nowwehere


More SNL hiring news: Natasha Rothwell, Streeter Seidell, and Jeremy Beiler Join SNL’s Writing Staff

Dogs can sit here but they best not dare smoke


Dogs can sit here but they best not dare smoke


Hello my fellow improvisers,

Some of you know me, and for many of you we don’t know each other but we’ve watched each other perform. I want to write to you about an incident that recently happened to me at a show at the Triple Crown.

My team and I were mingling before our show. I don’t typically…

Insane. Also Jake is the best guy and Mimi’s show was my pick for best improv show. So sad.