Hey all!

Here is the lineup for SUPERNOVA R4 which starts rehearsal THIS SATURDAY and has a run of shows on Sundays from April-June!

This round we had our most applicants ever and as you’ll see from the teams, they are a very talented bunch.

To accommodate them (and to remember this is all “an…



I can not recommend this show enough.

People see “Variety Show” and I think they get turned off by that term. Well The Tony Show is more of an event, and you should witness every single event that you can.

Anthony Atamaniuk creates a new world for every show, and that world is fucked up, insane and hilarious.


i agree! it’s a rich wonderful show hosted by one of the best performers at UCB and has really fun, really loose, really great stuff. Andy Rocco deserves kudos here for co-producing and often co-writing. As do all the amazing guests. One of the coolest shows.



The Man Behind The Plant doesn’t deliver the news up to Noah’s standards. 


Inspired by Talkin’ TCGS and fans like Andrea, here’s my list of Chris Gethard Show cast members and characters and their matching Elvis Costello songs. Special thanks to Intern Paige for her help!

Chris: (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?

One of…

Any TCGS thing I am mentioned in->REBLOG!


Hey all!

Here is a link for signups for SUPERNOVA R4! Sign up or let other people know!


This is great and something I run! Reblog, sign up, tell someone!

Movies on Demand Shows!

Hey guys, here are links to the final show in the initial run of my Movie team, Movies On Demand.

In the first one I play a skateboarding youngster named Prince Toocool.

The second one is just straight up the best non-“Two-Man Movie” movie I’ve ever seen performed.

Featuring my amazing teammates on M.O.D., shot and uploaded with insane speed by the awesome Curtis Raye, directed by Anthony motherfucking Atamanuik.







This is the dorkiest/coolest.

I love this

I am very honored to be a font.



This is the dorkiest/coolest.

I love this

I am very honored to be a font.



Krompf is an amazing form. It’s like, easy mode improv. It’s fun and fast and stupid. Like the Smash brothers of improv, it’s not as intense or technical to pick up and play as street fighter, but there’s some really great depth to it. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend Amey Goerlich’s…

Thanks Ian! 

Yes. I took Amey’s Krompf class when I was at an improv low. I was angry all the time at myself and others and always obsessed with “the right move”.

Amey’s class teaches you to commit, to make fun choices, to enjoy yourself and who you are, your style. More than that, she’ll talk to you. She’ll be real with you. She cares about her people.

Take one, if you haven’t . Get notes. Learn to relax and have fun.

2013: A Year In Comedy

Hi all!

I was going to write something long and dramatic and detailed like I did last year when I was inspired by Anthony Apruzzese, but instead I decided to something short and listy, inspired this year by Anthony Apruzzese!

These are not great things that happened/didn’t happen:

-I didn’t meet the love of my life or whatever.
-I’m not kicking butt on UCB House Teams.
-I did one commercial as opposed to my goal of three.
-My indie team I loved, Orange Augustus, broke up after almost two years together.

That’s about it!

Great things that happened:

-I kissed a pretty decent number of groovy ladies!
-I started this crazy thing SUPERNOVA with Amey Goerlich and Mark Grenier which is super popular and I think is having a really positive effect on the improv community and I had no idea that any of that would happen! I just hoped some people would say yes and so many people did and I made so many friends and watched comedians grow or shine or just generally be awesome!
-I started doing a ton of shows with new indie teams I started with friends after my indie team broke up: Rebel Enemy Surprise and WMDs! The shows were mostly pretty great and I felt finally slightly cool in the indie improv scene!
-I did a commercial for Rdio that someone booked me for after seeing me perform in one of those indie shows (thanks Charles Rogers!)
-I got into two Advanced Study Performance classes at UCB, a big goal of mine, including The Movie, which was the number one class I wanted to take at UCB! I love my class and feel more confident than ever on stage!
-I started two new shows I produce: Nicholas Feitel’s Straight-Forward Variety Hour and The Hero Show! I’m happy with how they’re going!
-I got to help out and hang out with Michael Delaney, the person who has inspired me most as a comedian. His approval and guidance make me feel awesome and help give me confidence.
-I kept my weight off and started doing yoga again! I feel better in my body but also more like I can have fun and relax!
-I got to live with and cut through my own weirdness with Branson Reese, whom I think is a super-funny great dude! always down to chill or watch a movie or even see or do a show! I’ll miss living with you Bran-man!
-I kept my goals up all year with the amazing Shacottha Fields, keeping me on task, even as she became a weekend team performer at The Magnet!
-My buddy Sebastian gets on Lloyd and I feel like if he gets on, the funniest, nicest dude, then there is some justice and rightness in the world.
-The amazing TV show I work on that changed my life, The Chris Gethard Show got picked up for a pilot by Comedy Central and who knows what awesome things might happen with it.

And I’m sure I’m forgetting lots but I’m pretty happy about those things!

In fact for the first time in 4-5 years, I really feel happy going into New Years Eve.

I have so many more wonderful friends! I’m more confident and comfortable with myself!

I still work in a restaurant for not much money and squeak out sleep and barely make ends meet and would love to meet my dream girl and be cast on a house team and on TV all the time, but you know what: I’m alright!

I’m going to eat some pancakes and be surrounded by people I love and make a fool out of myself with my peers, just like everyone else.

Thank you to my ‘rents, my gramma, all the aforementioned people! Thank you to Will Hines for liking me enough to make fun of me and to Kevin for listening to me whine. Thank you Delaney, for the lessons in improv and life, to Seb for all the mutual dumb hanging out. To Alston for being a big silly and a good friend. To everyone involved with SUPERNOVA, including everyone who saw a show, who played, coached and Amey for convincing me to even go through with it in the first place and every good idea she had. To Matt Cohen who kept telling me not to quit. To my therapist and my group for making me a healthier, cooler dude. To Shacottha to keeping me on task. To Ryan Karels and Anthony Atamanuik for believing in me and giving me a chance.

Thanks to everyone. 2013 was really great. Thank you and let’s have fun tonight.